MUST was started as the second public University in Uganda following the Uganda governments’ realization that higher education was a critical asset for nation building, and that Science and Technology was the most realistic driver to lead this initiative.

A culture of research and innovation needs to be harnessed into the university. An atmosphere that stimulates and nurtures this innovation is paramount in meeting the mission and goals of the university and making the university standout as a center of research and academic excellence.

Every year, students in the Institute of Computer Science do several projects. However, very few see the light of implementation. ICS awards is a channel that the Software Incubation and Innovations Unit of MUST has put into place to guide students to have these projected implemented in the real world.

Mission :
To stimulate, harness and hone student ideas to sustainable ICT entrepreneurship.

Objectives :
The objective of these awards is to:

  • Develop a culture of innovation in the Institute of Computer Science and the whole university
    Stimulate, mentor and nurture student innovations from school ideas to successful startups that will have a great impact on community development.
  • Empower students to develop relevant and up-to-date software development skills up to implementation
  • Accelerate the development of commercial software from locally borne ideas in the university

Award Categories


Entry Process :
Students submit their entry into the competition on this website

The panel of lecturers awarding marks for final year research projects can nominate projects to be considered for the awards

An independent team of judges shall then determine the best project from the nominated projects

Awards Criteria

Projects chosen shall demonstrate ability to be scaled to an international level

Projects chosen shall have a clear business perspective with a clear demonstration of how they will make money

Projects chosen shall demonstrate ability to develop and empower a good fraction of the community

Awards Ceremony :
There will be an awards ceremony that will be organized.

The date for this year’s awards ceremony is Wednesday 30th April, 2018

Details of this event will be availed on this website.


For any query, please e-mail at siid@must.ac.ug

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Mr. Mugisha Samuel
Head of Software Incubation & Innovation Unit

Mobile No: +256 704 899 935

E-mail: samuel.gisha@gmail.com